Let's brag on Our Own!

Ricki Trahan

Say hi to Ricki next time you see her out and about on her training! She has returned to Triathlon Training with a vengeance, cranking on that new bike of hers, getting those running shoes steamed up and bringing it to be ready for a few races coming up. 

And while you chat her up on her return to training, ask her how to survive fishing lure while OWS training at Crystal Beach! Good tips to loose yourself when the touchy feel thing grabs your legs and it isn't a jelly fish!


Stephanie Woodward

You know her smile! 

She is back in training again after a long hiatus. Now we get our Stephanie back and get to see her enthusiasm and drive as she conquers the set back that kept her from us! 

Another piece of important info....She keeps our budget nice and tiddy on paper! When you have the skills to keep it all aligned there, and you love what you do....you know it will shine through successfully in all areas of your life.

Thank you Stephanie for all you do for us!

Building Triathletes

Our Kids Tri Club is a big success. Lots of action! Lots of Training. Ride on KIDS!

Keep up the great work kids! We are learning and watching your enthusiasm!  Let us know how we can help you grow!

Tom and Rachel Rados

Strong, willing, and capable to meet challenges! See them at your next race, extend a hand. They have lots of valuable information to share for your next race or if you are looking for a race. 

Thanks again Tom and Rachel for being great members!

Team Rados! 

Most times, you see one, you see  the other. Rachel and Tom exemplify couple racing. 

  N e w
 l a y e r 

Send us your pics! We want to brag on YOU!

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