Sharie Morton - President


I grew up in Georgia as a little southern belle but I then left for Alaska and spent 18 years growing up to be an athlete. My introduction to racing began in 2002 at the age of 42 and after raising 2 kids, I needed something for me! I started with a 5k but before long, I gravitated to Triathlons. It was 2006 when I signed up for my first Tri which was a Women’s Sprint in Anchorage Alaska and bought my first bike which was a cruiser. Since then I have migrated up to my pride and joy TT bike and completed my first IM 70.3 and 140.6 in 2016. Moving to Florida in 2015 has given me new options for racing as well as continue my journey of staying fit for life. I can’t wait to meet each one of you as you join me in this adventure!



Alex Whyte - Vice President

Florida isn’t my native land. I was born in England but grew up on Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. My father was stationed there for 13 years. He retired and we moved to Northern Virginia, right outside DC. I lived there until I joined the Air Force in 1991. After receiving my “job” I was stationed at Lowery AFB for a year to finish training school and then the Military thought it would be a great idea to station a mid-west kid in Florida. Aren’t there gators here? My wife Amy and I have been in Florida ever since. When I got out of the military in 2000 we decided to stay in the area. We have grown to love Florida, especially this part and it seemed a good place to raise our child. Our son, Ian was born on Eglin AFB in 1994. He currently lives in Pensacola and attends college.

Like a lot of people the stress of work and raising a family takes a toll. I started to steadily put on weight while sitting behind a desk all day. Long story short I couldn’t believe the weight I had put on. I decided to make a change and spent over a year learning how to eat healthy. I also began riding my bike again and exercising. The weight finally dropped down to a manageable level and I wanted something more than riding so the next logical step for me was to start running. As I researched more about cycling and running I kept coming across information about Triathlons. I was a decent swimmer in school so I thought why not try a Triathlon. I went online and looked for a local triathlon club, Emerald Coast Triathlon Club came up and I joined. I met Lori and Chris right off the bat and enjoy training with them. I also picked up workouts with Diane, Anita and several other people as I started out. The club has helped me get into Triathlons from day one. I wouldn’t love this sport so much if it wasn’t for the awesome people in this club. So this year when I was asked to be your VP, I was honored. I am looking forward to a fantastic year!

Alyson Gabrysz  - Secretary 

I am a mom of three girls, and a wife to a retired Army Soldier. We began running “together” during one of his deployments, training for my very first half marathon.  It was something we could do each day together, even when thousands of miles separated us. We also enjoy riding bikes together, Our youngest grew up thinking it was normal to spend the weekends being pulled behind us in the Burley.  Our family enjoys doing triathlons, and riding together, and we even did a ride across part of Ohio for a week as our vacation.  I have done half marathons, full marathons, and sprint triathlons.  I love the social part of our tri club, and being inspired to try things that might require me to step out of my comfort zone.  This year I am especially excited to meet everyone including our new kid members. I love to see kids race, and the pride they have in themselves!  They show us each what it is like to be excited and fearless to try new things! 


Lori Groat - Treasurer  


I'm a local that moved away from the area for many years. I've been back since 2004.  While living in Orlando, I fell in love with triathlon doing the sprints and half IM distance races out in Clermont. I did the marathon and IM distances for a while, but find a better life balance keeping this a little shorter. This year my husband, Chris, and I are enjoying more offroad adventures and plan to do some XTerra races. I'm having fun improving my MTB skills.  I'll do a few shorter road events as well. I look forward to working the Sharie, Alex and Alyson, they are a great enthusiastic crew!!!  Hope to see you all out there training. 

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